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Circle of John Peter Russell

(Sydney 1858-1930)

Woodland Landscape, c.1910

oil on unlined canvas

33 x 40.5 cm.

with indecipherable wax seals to the reverse of the stretcher and canvas

in a period bronzed oak frame

This pointillist landscape was clearly painted by someone deft and accomplished, but is frustratingly unsigned. It bears close comparison with the work of Australian Impressionist painter, John Russell, who spent time studying and living in both England and France, where he was a close friend of Vincent Van Gogh. Russell painted with Claude Monet at Belle Île, where he moved with his wife in 1886 - Marianna Russell was also one of Auguste Renoir’s favourite models at that time. With the death of Marianna in 1907, Russell sadly destroyed hundreds of his paintings in his grief, eventually returning to Sydney where he died in obscurity. After his death, he became known as Australia’s ‘Lost Impressionist’.

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